Gallery — SEMIS Community Forum 2022

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Welcome to the SEMIS Coalition’s annual Community Forum Gallery Showcase!

Here you will find student stories, examples, projects and more from SEMIS Coalition member schools, teachers, and community partners across southeast Michigan. This Gallery is a public space where children and young people develop their voices as community leaders and where you can come to get a glimpse of Place-Based Learning that is happening across our region. 

We are proud of everything that students and their adult learning guides have posted during this very challenging year and hope that you take the time to visit each exhibition. The youth who have submitted projects have a lot to teach! We thank them and their teachers for helping us to populate the SEMIS Gallery and for their willingness and courage to share their insights. The gallery is a grid of small previews—click on any of them to travel to the page where the individual submission lives.

A Note on Commenting: You can comment on any submission, but will need to enter an email. This email will not show in your comment. All comments will be ‘waiting for approval’ and then once approved, will post. Refresh your page to see your comment. 

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