By Juliette Dubuque, Wylie Elementary School, Dexter, Michigan

My name is Juliette, and I’m in fourth grade. And right now, climate change is affecting my life. It’s real hot, I’ll tell you that. But also, the air might not be and probably is not the cleanest air, which is not good for my body at all.

When I think of climate change, I think of the awesome animals that live all around our Earth. But many are in danger of going extinct, or not that many around today, especially around the Arctic areas, because of the heat of climate change, which could also damage their homes. I worry about these animals because many animals we could not live without.

To stop these worries, I’m trying to learn about climate change, and learn what I can do to help stop climate change. One thing I think could improve about climate change in the next 10 years is the effort people put in into reducing the effects of climate change.

They could ride cars less or eat less meat, which put bad gases — and a lot of bad gases — into the air. In 10 years, I want to go to college and play soccer. But the heat of climate change could affect me because it increases the risk of heatstroke or dehydration.

I hope soon climate change can improve because people are being more aware. Thank you

Planet Detroit partnered with the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition and teachers across Michigan to recruit these youth voices on how climate change affects kids’ lives. Here are their stories.

By: Juliette Dubuque, 4th Grade

Teacher: Natalie Hanlon, Wylie Elementary, Dexter

Subject: Climate Change

Theme: Climate Change Resilience and Action

Type: Written Reflection, Audio