State-Wide Network

The SEMIS Coalition is a regional hub for the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative


The Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative started in 2007 to support place-based education throughout Michigan, with a focus on experiential learning opportunities based in regional hub organizations. The Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition (SEMIS Coalition) fulfills that role for our region.

To achieve their mission, the GLSI focused on “creative a culture of stewardship” and engaging students in their local communities, both through experiencing the rich natural resources of the Great Lakes State and to understand important environmental issues and solutions to pressing civic concerns.

Engaging youth for a culture of environmental care

According to the GLSI website, “The Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative (GLSI) creates a culture of stewardship by providing young people with relevant knowledge and hands-on experiences that build excitement for learning and instill a commitment to improving local communities. We serve a critical social need at a time when too many young people are feeling disengaged from school, ineffectual in their community, and isolated from the outdoors.

With the help of participating educators, civic leaders, and community partners, the GLSI’s work:

  • Helps young people become effective environmental stewards
  • Encourages schools and community organizations to work together for mutual benefit
  • Constitutes a purposeful effort across Michigan that to expand classrooms, strengthen communities, and serve as a beacon for positive change
I think the GLSI is unique because it really is a statewide effort. It’s both urban and rural; it’s deeply embedded in schools as well as in community-based organizations. I think it’s the best model in the country for a statewide place-based education effort … I think it is the most sustainable, deepest and broadest work of its kind.
Doris Williams

Executive Director, Rural School and Community Trust

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