A home with a history of educational innovation

Eastern Michigan University (EMU) is the home institution for the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition (SEMIS Coalition). The SEMIS Coalition is supported by the College of Education, a place with a rich history of community engagement, and is housed within Engage@EMU.



A united effort towards transformative education

SEMIS Coalition engages university partners, faculty and students to better link community scholarship with high-quality education. Each year, undergraduate, graduate and PhD candidates engage with the SEMIS Coalition to put their studies into practice.

“The power of the SEMIS Coalition lies in inspiration and support. It’s cool to hear about the projects and ideas that other educators and community members are implementing.”
Rachel Robinson

Student, Eastern Michigan University

Opportunities for EMU faculty and students

If you’re a current EMU student or faculty member looking to practice transformative education within our local schools and communities, we invite you contact SEMIS with proposals and to see what current opportunities are available.