Place-based Education Badges

SEMIS Learning Badges

An Ecojustice approach to Place-Based Education has many layers and takes many years to develop a deep understanding of and practice. Our new badge system is designed to help SEMIS Coalition members create a curriculum for their own learning that is both purposeful and powerful. If you are not currently a Coalition member, and are inserted in membership, please contact Lisa Voelker or Ethan Lowenstein.

This pilot badge program begins June 2020 and will start small with a set of personally paced learning modules from our choice menu. This menu has been vetted for content and quality, and curated by the SEMIS leadership team. 

To collect a badge

Participation in the majority of our annual Learning Series events is a requirement. In some cases specific workshops will need to be fulfilled to collect a badge.  We ask that you also complete 2 learning modules for each badge from the choice menu + complete our short online reflection + participate in 1, 1-hour reflection circle where you can reflect and learn with other Coalition members. Some learning modules count towards more than one badge. 

Badge Checklist 

✅Participation in our Annual Learning Series 

✅Participation in one synchronous workshop related to the badge topic 

✅Complete 2 learning modules from our personally-paced choice menu 

✅Complete a reflection for each module 

✅Participate in one 60 minute Badge Reflection Circle (offered monthly – please see our member calendar)


We are creating this new badge system as a Coalition that honors and combines the strength of its members. Please contribute your knowledge and wisdom by suggesting ways to improve this new badge system as well as recommend your own readings, videos, and activities that are related to the badge themes and propose them for inclusion. 

We are beginning with two badges: Place-Based Education 101 & Watershed Education. We will be adding more badges over the course of this year including: Civic Engagement, Climate Change Resilience, History of Place and Mapping.

Please click on the badge for the Learning Module Menu.