Compiled by Miriam Furlan Brighente, PhD and SEMIS Coalition Program Associate

Disability Justice Practices in Place-based Education initiative at SEMIS Coalition

This living document is packed with resources for formal and non-formal teachers, community partners, and leaders who want to incorporate Disability Justice into their practices as place-based educators. You will find lesson plans, videos, books, articles, and other texts on Disability Justice.

Let’s come together and reimagine our communities to put Disability Justice at the center of our Place-Based Education practices and envision a more beautiful and equitable world for ALL!


Disability Justice – a working draft by Patty Berne

Definition of Ableismnoun ( a·ble·ism ˈābə-ˌli-zəm ):

A system that places value on people’s bodies and minds based on societally constructed ideas of normality, intelligence, excellence, desirability, and productivity. These constructed ideas are deeply rooted in anti-Blackness, eugenics, misogyny, colonialism, imperialism and capitalism. This form of systemic oppression leads to people and society determining who is valuable and worthy based on a person’s language, appearance, religion and/or their ability to satisfactorily [re]produce, excel and “behave.” You do not have to be disabled to experience ableism. 

—This is a working definition by Talila “TL” Lewis, updated January 2021 and developed in community with Disabled Black and other negatively racialized people, especially Dustin Gibson. Provided by Detroit Disability Power


Stories from Disabled and Mad University Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic (03/11/2021) — by Jason DeCamillis. Screencast and Google Slides