SEMIS Coalition related projects that are making headlines

The accomplishments of students and teachers in improving their communities and environment is truly newsworthy! View recent reports and videos that chronicle the success Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition (SEMIS Coalition) projects and partners.

Recent Video Media

Exploring Place Based Education in Science, Lab Out Loud

Lab Out Loud is proud to present a three-part series on place-based education in science. To kickoff this series, we welcome Ethan Lowenstein, Ph.D. (Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at Eastern Michigan University and Director of the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition) and Greg Smith (emeritus professor of education from the Lewis & Clark College Graduate School of Education and Counseling) to the show.  Ethan and Greg join us to define place-based education, give us some examples of PBE in science and explain how it can help teach science standards while building a sense of community.

PBS Spotlight on Stewards 

All Aboard! Place-Based Education in a Different Kind of Classroom 
Planting the Seeds of Place-Based Education for Future Generations

The Spotlight on Stewards Project is a collaborative pilot program between the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition and Detroit Public Television’s Great Lakes Bureau.  These resources hope to connect engaged communities within Michigan who are working toward the common goal of protecting and inspiring change for the health of Great Lakes through restoration and preservation. The audience is teachers that are or may be interested in developing Place-based Education (PBE) at their schools, and students of these teachers.

Place-Based Education at Work: Inside Detroit Institute of Technology at Cody High School with EMU and SEMIS Coalition

Take a look at the power of place-based education through the journey of a semester together with high school students from DIT Frank Cody High School and teaching candidate students from Eastern Michigan University’s College of Education Teacher Preparation Program. Teachers in training learn the value of being immersed in communities they will soon become educators in, and grow together to be leaders in their pursuit of transformational teaching and learning.  Filming and production by Add On Media Group

SEMIS Coalition Annual Community Forum: Raising Voices, Taking Action

Best day of the year! We look forward each year to hosting a celebration of students’ place-based learning efforts and community action, which includes student led workshops, intergenerational community conversations, highlights of the year from schools and community partners, great food, and our annual SEMIS Coalition Awards.

Filming and production by Add On Media Group

Place-Based Education: A Leisa Thompson Photography Slideshow of the SEMIS Coalition 

We have been working with photographer Leisa Thompson for over five years and we love how she has gotten to know us over that time, and we have gotten to know her a bit. We see the media team we work with as part of our coalition and view their craft as vital to capturing the stories of the place-based education efforts happening across southeast Michigan. We have been fortunate that Leisa has supported our work, and even sometimes donated her time to help tell our coalition stories! Enjoy a soundtracked slideshow of some of these photographs from over the years that highlight the joys of transformational learning. Thank you Leisa, we appreciate you!

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“Growing Up Green profiles a unique statewide, hands-on environmental education program in Michigan, the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative. For the very first time, both rural and urban schools across the state are working to increase academic performance by involving students in local efforts to improve the environments they inhabit.” Learn more here!

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Media interested in reporting on recent and upcoming SEMIS Coalition supported projects should contact us, and we’ll connect you to the staff members and partners most familiar with the topic. The SEMIS Coalition also welcomes requests for insight into the following areas of expertise:

  • Place-based learning
  • Environmental education
  • EcoJustice education
  • Community stewardship programs

Read detailed descriptions of recent projects.