A flock of 21 birds flying across a grey sky

This image was chosen because birds are important to nature. They are creatures that can do anything; they are like humans but are freer.

The following is a poem from a student inspired by how they connected to nature during a fieldtrip to test the water at the Detroit River and Bloody Run Creek this school year. Enjoy!

Birds are strong
birds are life,
birds are fearless,
birds are bright.
Birds bring joy,
birds bring hope,
birds bring other birds who shine and glow.
Birds are people building nests,
birds are free,
birds grow bigger and bigger
including their tiny tiny feet.
Birds are bright,
birds are birds,
saying the word birds is the best word.
Birds are peaceful,
birds are truth,
birds make you you.
Birds are strong.”

By: Nevaeh, 7th Grade

Teacher: Charlene Jones, The James and Grace Lee Boggs School, Detroit

Subject: Detroit

Theme: General Place-Based Education

Type: Poetry