A voice chart illustration shows three birds, a sun, a palm tree, and a house with footprints leading away from it. Labeled “Level 0/zero through Level 4/four with examples of the different sound levels

This diagram is for K – 2 classes for the hallway. I made it colorful because the students are younger and it would appeal to them more. The house is a reminder of how to use your inside voice even when you are at school. It is important to stay at a reasonable voice level to help keep us Covid-safe.

This is an adaptation of a voice level chart that students use at the Boggs School to manage the loudness of their voice. The original chart has a range from 0 to 4 with description included. Students explored voice level and the connection to air quality by attempting to incorporate decibels (dB) and droplet spread, with or without masks. This exploration allowed students to share what they learned about contributing to clear air in a pandemic in a non-threatening way. I hope you find it helpful!

By: Victoria, 8th Grade

Teacher: Charlene Jones, The James and Grace Lee Boggs School, Detroit

Subject: Math

Theme: General Place-Based Education

Type: Diagram