A color image of a pond with a rocks around the perimenter. A gravestone is on the right side.

This image was chosen because while at the cemetery for the field trip, I had the impression that when people come to Bloody Run Creek they think of the ugly past, instead of the beautiful future.

This is a poem from a student inspired by how they connected to nature during a fieldtrip to test the water at the Detroit River, and Bloody Run Creek this school year. Enjoy!

The wind blows and the water flows,
trying to restore itself to one who once called it home.
Your rich soil and enchanted grass,
if one steps foot, they will be reminded of your past.
The beauty we see lies above the pain
and suffering that once remained.”

By: Uriel, 7th Grade

Teacher: Charlene Jones, The James and Grace Lee Boggs School, Detroit

Subject: Detroit

Theme: General Place-Based Education

Type: Poetry