Yellowing grass and a chainlink fence with trees and a grey sky behind it

This image was chosen because I felt like the fence in nature was a crime against nature. The fence is dividing the land and the vines are rebelling against it.

This is a poem from a student inspired by how they connected to nature during a fieldtrip to test the water at the Detroit River and Bloody Run Creek this school year. Enjoy!

“A crime against nature,
this is a crime,
from trash in the field and fence used as a shield,
yet nature can rebel and show us it needs help.
By using an army and putting up a fight,
it overwhelms this force
with all its might.”

By: Uriel, 7th Grade

Teacher: Charlene Jones, The James and Grace Lee Boggs School, Detroit

Subject: Detroit

Theme: General Place-Based Education

Type: Poetry