Have you used these books? Share how!

At the Summer Institute, teachers received several books to support EcoJustice literacy and investigating the commons.  These books were chosen for their support of a few different concepts:

  • integrating multiple perspectives into the history of a place,
  • discussing the future of the Great Lakes commons, and
  • understanding how our collective actions impact the long-term viability of our communities, including healthy food, clean water and equitable social policies.

So, how have you used the following books to understand the concept of the commons in your classroom projects?

  • Seed Folks by Paul Fleischman by Patricia Polacco – Community Gardening from multiple perspectives
  • Mr. Lincoln’s Way by – Overcoming prejudice in a school setting
  • These Hands by Margaret H. Mason – Family heritage and education through action
  • Divergent by Betrice Prior – Counter storytelling, distopian environmental future
  • The Omnivore’s Dilemma for Young Readers by Michael Pollan – The story of a meal through different food systems