Place-Based Education — broaden and deepen your knowledge of PBE by checking out the following websites. PBE may look different depending on where you live and attend school, but there are principles, ideas, and practices that connect PBE work across the country, and internationally.

Great Lakes Stewardship initiative – Guiding Principles of Place-Based Stewardship Education

Our Curriculum Matters — What is Place-based Education?

Promise of Place — What is Place-Based Education?

The Benefits of Place-Based Stewardship Education — Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative White Paper

Place-based Education: Learning to be Where We Are by Gregory A. Smith

Place-based Education Video Series The video series was made possible by a grant from the Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network (WIN) and the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative. It is coordinated by University Outreach at the University of Michigan-Flint.

Don’t miss our Youtube channel! There are more videos all about Place-based Education!

SEMIS Coalition YouTube Channel Place-Based Education 

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