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Creating community stewardship through student citizenship

Community stewardship transforms education and our future. The Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition (SEMIS Coalition) nurtures partnerships between schools and innovative thinkers in the community. We build communities that support visionary practices in our schools and beyond— so that students can grow into citizen-stewards of healthy ecological-social systems.

Place-based education drives student engagement

Place-based education is more than taking a fun field trip. It’s a transformative approach that makes learning real and empowers students to create positive change in their communities while mastering an integrated array of skills.  Learn more.

I was invited to visit Taiwan as a U.S. Delegate because of my work with the Eco-Campus Partnership with Taiwan. What an experience!!! I traveled the country for 6 days with my group, hosted by the National Wildlife Federation. I became aware of this program due to my membership with SEMIS Coalition - Ethan Lowenstein, Rebecca Nielsen, Lisa Voelker, et al (I love you and am grateful for the work you invite me to share in!). We visited schools, museums, environmental facilities, farms, historic sites, attended dinners, met EPA Taiwan officials, participated in workshops/training, developed lessons, rode subways, the hide speed rail, and on and on... It was FANTASTIC!! The hardest part was adjusting to the time change. They are 12 hours ahead of EST. The best part was witnessing what can happen when everyone in your school or county "buys in" to creating and implementing a plan that is designed to do what's in the best interest of the all. Our topics were: biodiversity, consumption and waste, sustainable food, energy, and more.

What struck me immediately was the welcoming of our group and outpouring of warm, hospitable, heart-felt acceptance. I was moved and am forever grateful.
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“SEMIS Coalition is modeling, for educational activists, strategies aimed at empowering youth to become ‘solutionaries’ capable of improving the health of human and natural environments.”

Dr. Gregory Smith

Author, Place-Based Education in the Global Age: Local Diversity

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