The annual Community Forum provides students and educators with the opportunity to share their work with SEMIS Coalition members in a professional conference setting with peers and community members sharing methods and project development.  This conference puts students in the position of educators, with the majority of sessions led by youth. This forum provides leadership and presentation opportunities for students, as well as sharing between SEMIS Coalition classes, families and communities. 

Some of the place-based education projects presented on this year included: 

  • The gardens @DIT: A Cody youth ambassador project 
  • Creating real partnerships with parents and community members 
  • Great Lakes sing-‐a-‐long 
  • Natural observations: Drawing and writing in nature 
  • Stunning Salmon-‐-‐a water journey 
  • Getting to know H2O and service-learning efforts 
  • Permaculture and cycles for the 21st century 

The Community Forum is also a venue for celebrating successes across the Coalition through an Awards ceremony. 

Check out photos of our 2016 Community Forum here, and our short video Raising Voices, Taking Action: SEMIS Community Forum here.