Coalition Place-based Education project support

This year, the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition (SEMIS) will support teachers and community educators in shaping meaningful place-based inquiry experiences with students and communities that are focused on Great Lakes Literacy and connecting students in deeper ways to their watersheds. Additionally, SEMIS is focused on helping young people engage in informed civic action that uses wisdom and knowledge gained from PBE experiences for the public good. Funding for the 2016-2017 school year is coming from a grant received from our partner, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) through its Bay Watershed Education Training (B-WET) program. Additional funding has been secured by SEMIS through grants focused on developing youth civic voice and local community issues.

The amount and availability of grants varies based on available resources for annual cycles.

We invite you to review the grants generally available. For information on upcoming grant availability, check out our teacher support and tools page, or contact SEMIS Coalition.

  • Partnership Grants
    SEMIS Coalition issues grants of up to $1,500 per year to support community partners in their work with schools and to assist schools in meeting SEMIS Coalition EcoJustice Education goals as they are elaborated in that year’s Partnership Grant Proposal guidelines. This year, the SEMIS Coalition is encouraging partnerships among multiple schools and partners, and for these initiative grants funding for multiple schools working with one partnership organization will be provided. Only approved SEMIS Coalition Community Partners currently working with SEMIS Coalition Schools are eligible to apply. EcoJustice Partnership Grant Applications
  • General Assistance Grants
    This support typically goes toward individual teacher and team support for field work, material costs, bus trips and other expenses that go beyond the capability of the school to support place-based education activities. This type of grant might be used by a teacher in the first year of their work with SEMIS Coalition to help with building their community based partnerships and introducing students to Great Lakes Stewardship concepts. Applications for General Assistance
  • Teacher Leadership Grants
    This type of support goes towards veteran teachers in the SEMIS Coalition program, whose knowledge and experience make them leaders in both their schools and the coalition. Leadership Grant recipients often engage in action-research projects that will help them grow as educators, SEMIS Coalition-wide research and evaluation activities, or the development, or curriculum development projects in which they write and share their curricula with the rest of the SEMIS Coalition.
  • Affinity Group Grants
    Educators across the SEMIS Coalition often form affinity groups around common interests and projects. Small grants are available to support discussion dinners, field trips or conferences to expand their knowledge base, reading materials for a “common read” or other opportunities that build their strengths. Application for Affinity Group Support
  • Photojournalist Features and Guest Blogging
    A professional photographer profiles three projects a year that embody principles of the SEMIS Coalition. Photographs are shared with the school to help them promote their work. If you are selected to be featured in these professional photographs, you and your students will also be asked to be a Guest Blogger on the SEMIS Coalition website. In this blog you will tell your story and share the knowledge you’ve developed with the public. If you are interested in being featured by the photographer and on our website please contact us.


Help ensure that our grant programs are fully funded in the coming year.