Teacher Support & Tools

Teacher tools for creating deep and meaningful place-based inquiry and learning


Teacher Support Packet (Partnership grants)

Below you will find four resources that will help you complete the planning request for support online. The SEMIS EcoJustice Partnership Request for Support Guidance Packet will help you prepare your response before you begin the survey. You will find a Place-based Education Unit Template that was adapted for place-based stewardship education planning. There are two Photo release forms, for yourself and your students. These will need to be turned in to SEMIS Coalition staff once your project begins. These documents can also be found in the support packet. Please contact us if you plan on submitting a partnership grant. These requests for support are intended to be for Coalition members and those doing active place-based inquiry projects for the 2016-17 school year. You can find the SEMIS EcoJustice Partnership Request for Support online application here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/semisrequest.

Tools for Teachers

Planning Resources

NOAA Assets

Earth Force Community Action and Problem Solving Process

Example Lessons, Units, Agendas, and materials created with Semis Coalition members and used in the classroom

Unit Examples from the College of Education at Eastern  Michigan University pre-service teacher education students. SEMIS Coalition Director, Professor Ethan Lowenstein, teaches curriculum and practicum (field) courses at EMU each fall and uses a Place-based Education framework and pedagogy in this work. Each term students are both challenged and transformed with the power of PBE! Here are a few examples of the great curriculum Ethan’s students create: