In this video, you will hear from students discussing their thoughts on learning about climate change. Community Partner, Audra Carson, Founder and Chief Beautification Strategist of Izzie LLC issued a challenge letter to students to express their creative stories around describing the good and the bad parts of how climate change impacts their lives. Students were asked to show up with a 45 to 60 second video of what they have learned from their two years working with SEMIS Coalition Program Associate, Mr. King.

Renaissance High School students explain how they have been impacted by being in a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Literacy Program. They share what they believe is the reason why there is a lack of youth voices centered around climate change discussions. This group of students were asked three questions, “Why is it that the youth tend not to care about these matters?” What are effective ways to encourage others methods on how to involve the youth? What is the reasoning behind why the youth is not aware of the impacts of climate change?”

Through a compilation of multiple explanations to each question. This video displays some of the students’ theories that were shared in this process. Renaissance students in this group were able to use TikTok social media platform to spread awareness and educate future viewers on how to take on the questions above.

By: Ryann Douglas, Asa Coleman, Desiree Slappey, Jayniya Gamblin, Chila Greenlee, Shaniya Adams, and Ali Carter, 12th Grade

Teacher: Emily Phillips

Theme: Climate Change Literacy and Action

Subject: IB Biology

Type: Video Recording