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The accomplishments of students and teachers in improving their communities and environment is truly newsworthy! View recent reports and videos that chronicle the success Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition (SEMIS Coalition) projects and partners.

Recent Media

Watch a slideshow of what SEMIS students are up to!

Summer 2016 | Eastern: The magazine of Eastern Michigan University: “Out of the Classroom: Learning comes alive when students engage in place-based education

Summer 2016 | Green Teacher Magazine, article origrinally appears in the Summer 2016 Issue: “Fostering Youth Leadership in Urban Places

SEMIS Coalition Director Ethan Lowenstein recently stopped by AM 1700 in Ypsilanti for an interview with Mark Maynard! Check out the radio program here.

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“Growing Up Green profiles a unique statewide, hands-on environmental education program in Michigan, the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative. For the very first time, both rural and urban schools across the state are working to increase academic performance by involving students in local efforts to improve the environments they inhabit.” Learn more here!

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Summer 2016 | Eastern: The magazine of Eastern Michigan University: “Out of the Classroom: Learning comes alive when students engage in place-based education

8.3.2016 | “Education Coalition Works to Connect Detroit Students with their Community

7.28.2016 | Eastern Michigan University’s EMU Today: “EMU-led group receives federal grant to further area students’ understanding of Great Lakes

7.8.2016 | Ann Arbor Learning Community News & Events: “Tracey Marchyok Attends Southeastern Michigan Stewardship Coalition (SEMIS) 2016 Summer Institute

6.17.2016 | Eastern Michigan University’s EMU Today: “John W. Porter distinguished Chair to focus on student engagement, community building and expanding place-based education at EMU

3.30.2016 | Eastern Michigan University’s EMU Today: “Eastern Michigan University professor recognized for his dedication to building partnerships between schools and community partners

5.27.2016 | Edublog: Our Learning Journey, SK-3/4: “SHARING AT THE SEMIS COALITION COMMUNITY FORUM


12.31.2015 | Crazy Wisdom Journal: “Green Living: Growing Visionary Educational Communities”

6.7.2015 | The Eastern Echo: “7th Annual SEMIS Coalition brings area schools and community leaders together

5.26.2015 | Eastern Michigan University’s EMU Today: “Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition hosts annual community forum at Eastern Michigan University, celebrates importance of young stewards in local communities

4.29.2015 | Earth “Great Lakes Literacy: Telling Our Story

1.7.2015 | Eastern Michigan University’s EMU Today: “Eastern Michigan University again earns Carnegie Foundation designation for exceptional community engagement


10.14.2014 | “Detroit kids become environmental citizens through place-based learning

9.30.2014 | Model D: “Place-based education motivates students by connecting learning to community”

7.17.14 | Macomb Daily “UCS Teacher Named Finalist for National Award”

5.18.14 | Detroit Free Press “DNR’s Salmon in the Classroom project” (video)

5.12.14 | Eastern Michigan University’s EMU Today: “Area students, schools and non-profits honored at EMU for work as stewards of the Great Lakes region ecosystem.”

2.12.14 | Ann Arbor Rotary Harpoon: “Notes from the Program”


11.8.13 | DPS News from the Schools: “Schools going green at DIT at Cody

3.16.13 | Michigan Nightlight: “Place-Based Stewardship Education Initiative”


5.1.12 | The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal: “Planting a Seed”

4.25.12 | “National Endowment for the Arts awards $1.5 million to 21 Michigan arts and cultural institutions” 


3.13.11 | Ann Arbor News:  “Ann Arbor Learning Community turns trash into artwork as part of event celebrating diversity

3.7.11 | Ann Arbor News: “Ann Arbor Learning Community students ditch the classroom for an outdoor learning experience

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Media interested in reporting on recent and upcoming SEMIS Coalition supported projects should contact us, and we’ll connect you to the staff members and partners most familiar with the topic. The SEMIS Coalition also welcomes requests for insight into the following areas of expertise:

  • Place-based learning
  • Environmental education
  • EcoJustice education
  • Community stewardship programs

Read detailed descriptions of recent projects.