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Share your energy and expertise to help transform education for our kids and secure the future health of our communities. Whatever talent and time you have to offer, we can find a place to put it to excellent use. Please fill out our Volunteer Interest Survey!

Here’s a few examples of volunteering with the SEMIS Coalition can look like:

  • Corporations or organizations, like Lowe’s, can contribute volunteers for one-day place-based projects that need extra support.
  • Organizations with particular expertise, like environmental engineering, might consider donating staff time to assist in educating students like those involved with water monitoring experiences.
  • Groups of friends or colleagues can cook a healthy meal for the 50 participants of one of our professional development days or special events.
  • University outreach centers can link energetic college volunteers to projects like school gardens, trash clean-ups, or other large service-learning projects—all while inspiring younger students to picture and pursue higher education.

Become a Friend of the SEMIS Coalition

We always look forward to meeting new friends who support the work of the SEMIS Coalition. You can be a part of the coalition by joining as a Friend of the SEMIS Coalition. Friends of the SEMIS Coalition:

  • Receive special event invitations
  • Volunteer for fundraisers and special events
  • Spread the word about the SEMIS Coalition and extend our mission by connecting us with others
“SEMIS Coalition connects like-minded people who care about children and understand how important their connections are to the natural world.”
-Sarah Halson

Former Education Director, The Greening of Detroit

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