Place-Based Education Project examples


The Spotlight on Stewards Project

A collaborative pilot program between the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition and Detroit Public Television’s Great Lakes Bureau.  These resources hope to connect engaged communities within Michigan who are working toward the common goal of protecting and inspiring change for the health of Great Lakes through restoration and preservation. The audience is teachers that are or may be interested in developing Place-based Education (PBE) at their schools, and students of these teachers. Don’t miss the curricular resource for these videos on the PBS Learning Media website!

Planting the Seeds of Place-Based Education for Future Generations

Elementary teacher at Summers Knoll School Chris Swinko and math teacher Jessica Krueger from Ypsilanti Community High School collaborate across grade levels and schools through Place-Based Education (PBE) to address shared issues impacting both school campuses. An innovative, and powerful example of PBE, both teachers and students share how they are using PBE through this unique collaboration between their high school and 3rd/4th grade class.

All Aboard! Place-Based Education in a Different Kind of Classroom

Detroit Public Schools Community District science teacher Chad Segrist shares how he uses Place Based Education (PBE) to help his high school biology class understand the ecology of local waterways, like the Detroit River. By connecting stewardship, the local environment, and community through hands-on experiences like the boat trip Chad’s class takes in this video, teachers just like you can create new opportunities to engage students.