The SEMIS Coalition facilitates school-community partnerships to develop students as citizen-stewards of healthy ecological-social systems. — SEMIS Mission Statement

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About Neinas
Neinas School has a wide variety of programs geared to meet the needs of our students. We provided multicultural environment based on the Detroit Board of Education benchmarks.We are a diverse community with large numbers of Latino families and business. We have Spanish speaking bilingual teachers and staff.

Affiliate Teacher: Amy Lazarowicz
Community Partners: Greening of Detroit, Matrix Theatre Company, Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision

Stewardship Projects
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    School Stewardship Project: Recycling IS Entertaining!

    Neinas Elementary, located in Southwest Detroit, already has a recycling program in place. There are recycling bins near every classroom and it has become tradition for students to separate their breakfast bowls and other recyclables at the school’s Universal Breakfast each morning. Students have been supportive of the project, but teachers would like to see more understanding and engagement around the “why” of recycling. So, in conjunction with the Matrix Theatre Company expert Puppet Educators, Neinas students will be constructing puppets from recyclable breakfast materials, then they will write and perform a puppet show that demonstrates of the advantages of recycling to the whole school!


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