The SEMIS Coalition facilitates school-community partnerships to develop students as citizen-stewards of healthy ecological-social systems. — SEMIS Mission Statement

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Member Tools


Our ongoing Professional Development strategy includes providing teachers opportunities to develop leadership within their own schools and within the Coalition.

Teacher Leadership Development is a multi-year process working toward transformative, advanced and sustainable place-based, EcoJustice education.

Through their work with SEMIS, teachers develop leadership in these key areas:

    EcoJustice Education: Teachers develop understandings of the impacts of modern discourses on both social and environmental landscapes. They also learn to mediate student learning in ways that support students becoming citizen-stewards of their local bioregions.

    In-School Team Development: Teachers work in interdisciplinary school teams, developing a “community of learners” as they co-create EcoJustice, place-based curricula.

    Coalition Building: Teachers develop relationships with local community partners and together they co-plan learning activities, projects, and form longer-term, ongoing engagement within the students’ local community.


The SEMIS EcoJustice Learning Circle is, bi-monthly seminar composed of representatives from each of the SEMIS schools and interested community partners who meet throughout the year.

The goals of the EcoJustice Learning Circle are to:

    1) Deepen our collective understanding of EcoJustice Education by reading and discussing some of the primary texts in the field,
    2) Thinking through together how to “translate” those ideas into developmentally appropriate grade level activities and lessons that link with and ground place-based projects, and
    3) To take what we are learning together to set up Critical Friends EcoJustice groups in our home schools.

Learning Circle texts have included:
EcoJustice Education: Toward Diverse, Democratic and Sustainable Communities, by Rebecca Martusewicz, Jeff Edmundson, and John Lupinacci as well as selected readings by Chet Bowers, Derrick Jensen, Grace Lee Boggs, and bell hooks.


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