The SEMIS Coalition facilitates school-community partnerships to develop students as citizen-stewards of healthy ecological-social systems. — SEMIS Mission Statement

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Member Tools

Make a Splash for Stewardship!

The next two years are a critical time for us as we continue to grow our coalition. Do you like what we do?
Help SEMIS flourish by choosing one of the options below and contributing to this important work. Every gift is appreciated. Lots of small gifts lead to big opportunities for children in Southeast Michigan!

Choose an option below to give to the SEMIS Coalition!
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Donate to SEMIS: Everyone

To donate by check: Please make checks payable to the EMU Foundation with SE MI Stewardship Coalition written on the memo line.
Send Checks to: EMU Foundation | 1349 S. Huron Street | Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Our Modest Goal:
We are Looking for…

  • 25 people to contribute $250
  • 100 people to contribute $100
  • 50 people to contribute $50
  • And many more to contribute between $1 and $25!

Our Not-So-Modest Goal:
We are Looking for…

  • 10 people to contribute $1000
  • 5 people to contribute $2,500
  • And 1 generous soul to contribute $5000 or more!

The Difference your Donation will make:

    $5000 Funds a SEMIS school (5 teachers) for a year!
    $2500 Funds a SEMIS coach for 5 teachers for a year!
    $1000 Funds a SEMIS teacher for a year! (professional development and project)
    $500 Funds two school projects
    $250 Funds one school project
    $100 Funds a day of SEMIS Professional Development for one teacher
    $50 Funds a student field trip
    $25 Funds a half day student field trip
    $10 Funds materials for student projects
    $5 Join the movement!


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