The SEMIS Coalition facilitates school-community partnerships to develop students as citizen-stewards of healthy ecological-social systems. — SEMIS Mission Statement

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Ethan Lowenstein, Ph.D., Director.
Dr. Ethan Lowenstein is an Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at Eastern Michigan University (EMU). Dr. Lowenstein has close to two decades of experience in school systems reform, educational leadership development, and teacher professional development in moral and civic education. In recognition of his work in teacher education Dr. Lowenstein received the 2007 Michigan Campus Compact Faculty/Staff Community Service-Learning Award and the 2006 Dean’s Award for Innovative Teaching. Before his career in higher education, Dr. Lowenstein taught high school Social Studies at Park East H.S., an alternative high school in East Harlem, New York City. Dr. Lowenstein was the 1996 New York City Board of Education Teacher of the Year for alternative schools.

Rebecca Martusewicz, Ed.D., Co-Director and Associate Director of Programming
Dr. Martusewicz has been a teacher educator at Eastern Michigan University since 1988. She teaches courses in EcoJustice Education, a concentration of the MA in Social Foundations. She is one of the founders and former Director of the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition. She is editor and co-founder of The EcoJustice Review: Educating for the Commons, an internationally juried online journal, and Educational Studies: Journal of AESA. She is co-author of EcoJustice Education: Toward Diverse, Democratic and Sustainable Communities, with Jeff Edmundson and John Lupinacci (Routledge 2011), and Seeking Passage: PostStructuralism, Pedagogy, Ethics (Teachers College Press 2001), both winners of the AESA Critics Choice Award.

Rebecca Nielsen, Curriculum Coach, School Liaison
Rebecca owns and operates Nielsen Education Consulting, a small business specializing in assisting teachers, education institutions, and non-profits with both formal and non-formal science and environmental education programming and professional development. She holds a BS in Science from the University of Michigan, and a Masters in Teaching from the University of Virginia. Nielsen has worked as an Education Manager at the Detroit Science Center and the National Wildlife Federation, and has also taught high school biology and ecology. She is trained in many of the prominent environmental education curricula such as Project Wet, Project Wild, Project Learning Tree, and the Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support (MEECS) series and is a certified Habitat Steward for the National Wildlife Federation. Nielsen is currently a consultant for the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative, as well as the SEMIS Coalition. She is also an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Teacher Education at Eastern Michigan University.

John Lupinacci, Graduate Assistant, School Liaison
John is adjunct faculty at Eastern Michigan University, where he teaches pre-service teachers using an EcoJustice framework. His experience as a high school math and science teacher, an outdoor environmental educator, and a community activist all contribute to the work he does as a member of the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition.

Linda G. Williams, Ph.D., School Liaison
Dr. Linda G. Williams is an Associate Professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Eastern Michigan University, where she teaches courses on reading and literacy acquisition. After 15 years of classroom teaching, Dr. Williams completed her doctorate in Curriculum, Teaching and Educational Policy with a focus on Literacy Education at Michigan State University. Her research interests include place-based education, multicultural issues in literacy education, exploring connections between craft knowledge and academic skills, and African American educational history.

Chloe Wilson, Graduate Assistant
Chloe is a graduate assistant working with SEMIS. Her undergraduate study was in Special Education with a concentration in cognitive impairment. She has been working in the field of special education for ten years, in public and private schools and privately with families of students with disabilities. She is working on her master’s degree in EcoJustice Education and hopes to work towards empowering and mobilizing students with disabilities to engage with their communities through the EcoJustice framework.

Erica Mooney, SEMIS Intern for Communications & Events
Erica is one of the interns for SEMIS for the 2011-12 academic year. She is an urban planning major, and GIS minor. Her learning focuses on creating sustainable ecosystems through local food systems and interdisciplinary assessments for bioregional capacities. Erica works at the Ypsilanti Food Co-op, and volunteers for the EMU Giving Garden. Goals for the internship include building community connections with local farms to supply for SEMIS events.

Wendy Hopper, SEMIS Intern for Youth Leadership Development & Events
Wendy is a 2011-12 SEMIS intern. Her focus at EMU is Elementary Mathematics and Science in hopes to create a new focus for schools centered around sustained communities that live for the whole rather than the self. To Wendy, SEMIS is the answer, it is an example of the pedagogy that schools need to adapt to create this type of community. She is here to learn and grow from the experiences that are available to her in attempts to gain an understanding of what is needed to create and run a program like SEMIS. Her second life is at Aubree’s in Depot Town waiting on the wonderful Ypsi folk, feel free to stop in and say hello!

Lindsey Scalera, Associate Director of Communications
Lindsey is a recent graduate of the Social Foundations of Education Master’s program at EMU and works as an Ecojustice educator with a particular focus on incorporating food justice in teaching and learning. In addition to her work with the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition, Lindsey has taught undergraduate courses in the Department of Teacher Education at EMU. She serves as an organizer for the Michigan Young Farmer Coalition and as co-founder and coordinator of the EMU Giving Garden. Lindsey loves volunteering with the Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit Youth Day committee each year and has been working with youth on garden-based learning projects in both school and community settings for several years.


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